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The firm

Pure Charentaise cooking tradition

Already well known in the north of the department, the good reputation of the family firm « Les plats gîte » created in 1988 by Lisette Boutin complemented the reputation of the country Inn which started 20 years before. The restaurant guide « Gault & Millau » spoke well of this excellent charentaise cooking.

I met Madame Boutin in June 2001, it was an exceptional meeting because she wanted to sell her business, with her knowledge, skills and client list.
My head was full of new ideas to innovate different forms of charentaise cooking, working only with the best local Poitou Charente products.
Being a butcher myself our encounter allowed me to get back into traditional charentaise cooking, I slowed down my own commercial activity.
So I put my apron back on and I worked with Madame Boutin for 3 months, learning all her recipes and her family cooking secrets to make delicious pâté.

In 2001 I bought the Trademark of her. The premises were too old and not up to the new health and safety standards.

My second exceptional encounter was on the 8th July 2001, at a local Food Fair in Jonzac. I was lucky to meet Madame Karine David. She was selling local products mainly Snails.
We had an interesting discussion about our common problems and the future of the local products.
During the talk I mentioned that I was looking for adapted premises to use for the making of my products, and very fortunately she had brand new premises in Gémozac waiting to be used.

The Storm we had in 2000 partially destroyed Madame Karine David's Snail Farm, she was very worried about the future of her business. Together we did everything possible to create what was to become « Les Plats du Gîte de Gémozac » Ltd.

Christian CALLAUD